zaterdag 3 oktober 2015


I've made some pillows with graphic print to sell on tomorrow's Krugermarkt. I bought the squared fabric in Kenia few years ago (time flies!), the other fabrics are vintage. See you tomorrow!

maandag 28 september 2015


flowers in and around the house, hand-picked grapes, nuts and happy with my friends!

dinsdag 15 september 2015


Sunday, it was Kruger-market at the Krugerplein, a local market with handmade goodies and food, at the most beautiful square in Borgerhout!
My dear friend Eva was there with knitted and embroided goods, pretty potholders, lovely skirts and more...even a few zeza&flor cotton sheets (ah, times past...)
 The next/fourth edition will be on Sunday, Oct 4, starting from 10am
The fifth edition will be an evening market, on Nov 1, 4pm
The sixth edition is a X-mas market extraordinaire, on Sunday 20 Dec

Be there, on the square!

maandag 31 augustus 2015

yoga joes

Namaste. In stead of fighting soldiers, Dan Abrahamson sells plastic ones in yoga positions. Hilarious.