woensdag 28 mei 2014

zondag 25 mei 2014


Cheap, easy and très vintage, these DIY postcards!
1.buy an old book (I used Tiny ones, the paper is not too thin) or the cover of a pocket
2.glue a postcard or cardboard on the recto side of the illustration
3.cut it out 
4.ready to send!

donderdag 22 mei 2014

Herb Lester Associates

maandag 19 mei 2014

made in Berchem

a super sunny Sunday for Made in Berchem, a parcours from one art gallery to the next dance studio, graphic design bureau or cultural hotspot.
There even was a riksha, to drive you around.
Snyvo made the flyer and website. Great job!

donderdag 15 mei 2014


For my work, I needed some big tropical cardboard stamps, which I asked petit pois to design.
I'm verrry happy with these: 

hand lettering

this hand lettering stippling technique blew us away...what craftmanship, what patience is put in those drawings!
Xavier Casalte, the graphic designer, also sells some work here