dinsdag 28 december 2010

awfully great gift

these two crazy poodles found a new home yesterday
...our cats with the laserbeam-x-ray-vision-eyes already welcomed them appropriately :-)

zondag 26 december 2010

christmas party

We had a great evening (and afternoon) at veronique's and anton's place.
Lots of leftovers, good friends but: oh no, nothing to wear! (pling, pling)
So I've made this last minute party dress and little brooches for all the girls.
We'll show you some pictures of the party next week.

donderdag 23 december 2010

snow flakes

Fragile paper snow flakes, a treat for the eye!
the ones below are made by Elisabeth from Finelittleday,
a young lady bubbling with inspiration :)

make them yourself, real easy, watch these tutorials

woensdag 22 december 2010


we made this lovely cookbook for 't Werkhuys. (zegelstraat 13, antwerp)
nice recipes, all made by volunteers, working there.
you can even buy one for yourself, or as a christmas present...
Only 2€/piece!!

maandag 20 december 2010

well done

lots of creativity, yesterday at cafee ateljee. think we should do it again sometime.

zondag 19 december 2010

cafee ateljee

for everyone who is bored this afternoon or likes to be creative: cafee ateljee will open at 2pm (until 5pm).
cafee ateljee serves you lots of workshops (even for children!), and we are hosting one as well!
check check (we 'll show you some pictures later)

donderdag 16 december 2010

Julija's shop

two friends opened this lovely knitting shop, in antwerp...with lots of fine woolies and inspiring japanese handicraft magazines.
every second thursday of the month they organise a knitting café, at 20h.
nice initiative!

dinsdag 14 december 2010

the Selby

always nice, to peek into other peoples creative/tiny/chaotic/megalomaniac/colourful/luxurious houses.
take a look here.

zondag 12 december 2010


What a great idea, Heleen Klopper had!
She makes this packages with five colours of 100% pure wool-dots,
some kind of sponge and two felt-needles..
Order here and fix all your beloved pull-overs, cardigans and more - I know I have a lot of nasty moth-holes to fix ;-)

zaterdag 11 december 2010

vintage logos

Found these vintage Scandinavian design logos here.
Oliver Tomas, who has uploaded them, also has a collection of the most wonderful vintage Chechoslovakian matchboxes!

donderdag 9 december 2010


another online magazine, filled with tasty, visual bonbons!
it is free and packed with everyone from a crafter creating from their kitchen table, to a fashion design graduate straight out of college, to a team of people doing it for the love of it.
check it out here!

dinsdag 7 december 2010


Really nice, this online magazine.
Full of Christmas inspiration, DIY, freebies, ...
No need to search for any links, just click on anything you like!