maandag 30 juni 2014

world cup stamps 2014

The 20th FIFA World Cup, is a football tournament that is being played in twelve cities across Brazil. This stamp collection by maandesign is a self initatied project with a consistent layout system, in order to create an eye-catching geometric composition.

zondag 29 juni 2014


Made my own ikea hack: a pimped lampshade 
I used a light blue stabilo felt pen for drawing (not permanent, so probably it will get lighter after a while). It suits our hall. 

vrijdag 27 juni 2014

wise words

wise words from H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 
an American author best known for his inspirational book, Life's Little Instruction Book, which was a New York Times bestseller (1991–1994).

...also good advice for all these fresh graduates ;)

maandag 23 juni 2014

Sint Lucas exhibition

This weekend we visited the Sint Lucas exhibition, which was partially at Campo&Campo, partially at St Lucas kso itself.
We saw some real nice work there, quite impressive stuff from 18-year olds!
Also visited the Academy of Visual Arts in Berchem, to check out the work of Stan, who graduated summa cum laude!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

little frame

I crocheted this frame using a bracelet as base and cotton thread for our info*matic (playing this weekend in Amiens, France!)
so easy peasy to do.
you don't need to put a picture in it, it's cute by itself.

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

tattoo art

Jessica Harrison (Edinburgh, Scotland) painted sailor inspired tattoos on ceramics. Great idea! Now on show at Galerie LJ, Paris as part of the exhibition FLASH, open until June 24th. 

dinsdag 3 juni 2014

bal populaire

What a wonderful birthday party -weekend-  at Autreville. Hooray for Inge and Stefan!
Good news for those who want to visit this beautiful place themselves...l'autre maison is for rent!