zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

dear diary

While we visited Mokkakapot for an afternoon coffee, we saw this funny exposition.
"Getekende zendingen" is made by Dankoe (Femke). If you want to see it, hurry up, because the next expo "sossis" opens in a week.

vrijdag 29 augustus 2014


We already posted something about snug a while ago (a big while, 4 years!)
They have grown and kept on making new, beautiful things... all for sale here

check their blog as well!

dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

drizzly summer

What do you do when summertime isn't what it is supposed to be (hot and fun)?
Hit and runs to flea markets, jumping in between rain drops and hiding in nice coffe shops,
like native food at the muntstraat and Maurice coffee bar, nearby the station of Berchem.

Both really beuatiful places, worth a visit (or two)!

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

blossom type

Blossom Type by Alice Mourou is a two-part creative project of still life and interactive video devised by Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin.
The making of each carefully-crafted letter and number is documented on film by the team who will soon release a moving image integrated with user content in collaboration with Russia-based digital agency Zero.

donderdag 14 augustus 2014

play and eat

Akihiro Mizuuchi, an illustrator and designer from Shizuoka (Japan) created these yummie chocolate Lego creatures. For me, the Eiffeltower in dark blocks, please :-)

maandag 11 augustus 2014

strange stripes

Last weekend we were in Hasselt for 'Theater op de markt'. On several houses and buildings, I noticed silver stripes and that made me curious. Someone told me to go the Radisson hotel's top level and there I saw the strange foiled stripes come together in 'trois ellipses ouverts en désordre'.
Realised by Felice Varini.