zondag 26 oktober 2014


We've visited the abandoned Broelschool in Kortrijk yesterday, for the Biënnale transformed into an exhibition, bistro, hotel, bycicle atelier,.... 
I loved the colours in the building, the tiles, the coloured glass in the doors, what a pity this is going to be demolished.

donderdag 16 oktober 2014

potholders for Finn's birth

As a birthtreat, De wenkbrauwerij made these CCC potholders. Colourful, Cotton and Custommade. Would be lovely to have them all in the kitchen...(greedy us)

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

birthday trip

started with cake and presents


followed by a trip to a biiig-ass thrift store in Breda, were ties wore wise words...

after that, lunch in Tilburg, at 'De Burgerij'...cozy thirties house, with B&B

...a digestive walk in the woods (yes, we're getting old :-)

and a warm welcome and plentiful dinner at Momo's parents house...*hips*

*luv you, my dear*
happy birthday

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

anna kövecses

Isn’t this the cutest alphabet book!?
And it’s even sweeter when you find out that Hungarian-born, Cyprus based artist/illustrator, Anna Kövecses, made this for her four year old daughter, Rebeka. Here is Anna’s description:
“This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. Illustrations were carefully designed so that every subject that appears in this book is something she’s currently very much interested in. So in one way this book is not just a tool but also a diary documenting a four-year-old little girl’s world in the summer of 2013 on an island in the Mediterranean Sea…”

maandag 6 oktober 2014

the brown sisters

In summer 1975, Nicholas Nixon asked his wife and her three sisters if he could take their picture. After he saw the image, he asked them if they might do it every year. The series will be on view at the NY Museum of Modern Art, together with the publication of the book "The Brown sisters: Forty Years" in November.
You can see the pictures already here

zondag 5 oktober 2014

arro home

arro home is a new Australian online homeware store.... love at first sight! *sigh*
found here
online store here

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

animals in moiré

Milan-based designer andrea minini recently completed a new series of animals illustrated with textured moiré patterns, creating an unusual intersection between natural forms and mathematics.

If you’re interested, many of these are available as prints over in the My Modern Shop