zaterdag 26 februari 2011

1050 bruxelles

we went to brussels yesterday and discovered some nice adresses.
like "le typographe" (paperworks, online magazine here).
bought this "papier d'armenie", little rose sented paper which you have to burn to get rid off dirty odors (let you know how it worked out)
we had lunch in "l'epicerie, cuisine du marché" (66, rue du page), they serve just one plate a day, we had a delicious lasagna.
treated myself with a silver ring (forgot the shop's name, but it's also in rue du page)
finally got to see "little circus", a cute children's shop. they are also in paumes' "belgium family style" and they sell lots of other paumes books. check their blog!
more beautiful shops: "rose" an "boucle d'or"
before getting on the train again, we ended at "lilicup" with coffee and cupcake.

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  1. merci Eva: wij gaan volgende week naar Brussel en hop, ineens hebben we een programma :-)