zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012

a bit late, perhaps, but it was too beautiful not too mention : Stockholms Furniture Fair 2012.

It had a big leaning towards office design this year, offering an abundance of wooden conference tables, chairs and sound-proofing devices.

 What a great idea! 'Share', a portable park bench at Nola.

 The picnic installation by the duo Raw-Edges, for Kvadrat

Montana shelving in different colours

 November Table by Louise Campbell for Nikari

 Outdoor stools and tables by Avarte

 Padded soundproofing for office spaces by Zilenzio

 Sticks coat rail bu Gridy

 Wardrobe system by Ulf Scherlin for Scherlin. Aqua, one of our favourite colours!!

 W103s pending lamp by Inga Sempré

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