zondag 22 maart 2015

house of pane

In 2012, photographer Nick Olson and clothing designer Lilah Horwitz quit their day jobs and set off to build a unique woodland cabin so they could watch the sun set over the mountains of West Virginia.

Small but beautifully crafted, the home’s main feature is a wall full of glass, made entirely out of repurposed windows and salvaged materials they had collected from garage sales and antique dealers in the area.

“Each window has a bit of a story to it,” says Olson. “As an artist, I’ve learned over time that if you have an idea, you can find a way to make it.” The painstaking hands-on approach they apply to their artistry is the same technique they used to build their home.

The glass cabin, which they created for a total of about $500 on a property owned by Olson’s family, allows for plenty of natural light, reducing the need for artificial sources. Although it doesn’t have electricity or running water, it has everything the couple needs to watch the breathtaking West Virginia sunsets they so love.

found on Frankie mag, video here

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